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A blog dedicated in memory of the former war correspondent for the The Sunday Times, Marie Colvin. She died while covering the siege of Homs in Syria on February 22, 2012. This is a collection of images, articles and quotes to remember her by. You'll find additional information, links and tributes at her official website.


I have chosen to delete my main blog. Therefore, this one will disappear in consequence. If you wish to continue to follow this blog and its content, a new one will be made in a week’s time with the same title. I hope to see you soon!

I tell you loneliness is the thing to master. Courage and fear, love, death are only parts of it and can easily be ruled afterwards. If I make myself master my own loneliness there will be peace or safety: and perhaps these are the same.

Martha Gellhorn

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Marie Colvin honoured with human rights award

Dear Anna,

I feel the irony of fate. Firstly, because I am writing to you again, Anna Politkovskaya, following a year, which passed like a century while we still run between dream and death. Secondly, because I have been commissioned to present the award in your name to another woman who left us while trying to convey the truth that cost her life.

Marie Colvin, the courageous reporter, never feared searching for truth in the face of death. Marie went to many countries wracked by wars and conflict to bear witness. She lost her eye while covering the civil war in Sri Lanka.

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There is a moral obligation to go out and tell the truth of what I see.

Marie Colvin

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